One of the challenges faced by online retailers both in Australia and indeed around the world is known as card not present fraud. Essentially the unauthorised use by fraudsters of credit card information that they have no right to, that they’ve accessed unlawfully, illegally and we deal with that in online retail as part of our day to day operation.


We really take a common sense approach to eliminating fraudulent transactions at DealsDirect. We look at things like high value orders, particularly the high risk areas of computer IT and consumer electronics. These are products easily re-sold in the black markets. We look at purchase habits and new customers making sizeable orders for the first time. These are unusual patterns so common sense is the name of the game at DealsDirect.


From day one we’ve used payments gateways which means we haven’t has to store credit card information. I think that’s been a very good strategy. When DealsDirect got up online a good few years ago and there was less information on the systems or software to help us in this process so we really required a good commercial logic to ensure we’re protecting both ourselves and our customers as well as our assets from unlawful and un-authorised access.


And I think we’ve done a very, very good job of that over the years and increasingly just get better and better at it.



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