Policy and Debate

APCA delivers payment system improvement through industry policy development and thought leadership.

As part of this role, we:

  • conduct public consultations on key payments issues;
  • prepare submissions to other organisations undertaking consultation on payments issues;
  • undertake research;
  • consult with stakeholders; and
  • more generally, seek to foster wider debate.
  • Hot Topics

    Hot Topics

    Find out what we're working on right now, from the New Payments Platform to the role of cheques.

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  • Public Consultations

    Public Consultations

    APCA is committed to the promotion of wide stakeholder involvement. Read more about our consultation process, including consultation papers and reports.

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  • APCA Submissions

    APCA Submissions

    We have contributed to the work of other organisations over the past few years in our submissions.

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  • Research and Discussions

    Research and Discussions

    Read about our continuing contributions to industry discussion and thought leadership in the payments industry.

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